10 rupeesWas just curious about how many languages are there on Indian notes. Here is some information extracted from RBI website for ten rupees note.

There are fifteen Indian languages on almost all notes, excluding English and Hindi. This clearly indicates how India is rich in culture and heritage. These are only official languages but there are many more languages exist in India since last centuries. The language panel of Indian Currency also depicts the ‘Unity in Diversity’. Following table shows how a rupee is written in different languages and pronounced in Marathi. Added small drop of knowledge by sharing this information.

Written  Pronunciation  Languages
টকা टोका आसामीज
টাকা टका बंगाली
રૂપિયો गुजराती  रूपियो
روپے रोपिह काश्मिरी
रुपया रुपया कोंकणी
രൂപ रूपा मलयालम
रुपया रुपया मराठी
रुपैयाँ रुपैयाँ नेपाली
ଟଙ୍କା टंका ओरिया
ਰੁਪਈਆ रुपिया पंजाबी
रूप्यकम् रूप्यकम् संस्कृत
ரூபாய் रुपाई तमिळ
రూపాయి रुपाई तेलुगु
روپے रुपय उर्दू