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November 27, 2015

Hand Lettering Hindi


The hand lettering excercise tries on paper with ink and then trace in photoshop. This agao=in printed on paper. It always inspire me as I pulled it from my father’s design. It says: It worth doing the task which is difficult otherwise, ordinary tasks are done by all. There may be many quotes like this but it inspires me more. I am sure you will find The Artist’s Eye in this.

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Trio here with after a long time break in photo challenges. Similar stuff can be found in my entries for Weekly Photo Challenges, hope that you will enjoy and add your valuable comments.

Resource for Logo Design

In response to Today’s Theme ‘Teach Your (Bloggers) Well’
I would love to re-blog the old post on resource for logo design, any learner can have good idea by visiting the links embedded in the post. I hope it will teach well

Teach Your (Bloggers) Well

Zero Creativity Learnings

E logoDesign 

Author compiles a list of quality resources that can help you to learn more about everything related to logo design. It addresses all the doubts related to

  1. Need a good logo
  2. Software to use
  3. Colours and Fonts

More than 400 links and resources on logo design.

Design Guide

Information about logo design and typographyThe Logo Design Guide is organized the into chapters compiling various aspects of logo design that make good logo or else turn into bad. It also lists some of the creative techniques to follow. Lastly it focuses on technical back ground required for post processes like printing.

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