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January 13, 2016

Weightless-Bird from Photolia-2

Birds 31 Photography Dnyneshwar Muley

Its nice opportunity to showcase my photography portfolio- Photolia. Photolia also has section on birds. As they fly higher and higher, as they land within an impulse it is feeling of Weight(less). Similar stuff can be found in my entries for Weekly Photo Challenges, hope that you will enjoy and add your valuable comments.

Thank You For Your Love

1000 Likes.jpg

I am glad to receive this Gift of 2016! I would like to express my gratitude by a small word “THANKS!”

Thanks for being part of my blog and making me joyful by your love. Hope this joyful journey will continue for the years and uncountable loves (likes) from all my readers and followers.

PS: About 950 Likes hit in last 40 days.

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