Punjab National Bank – PNB Logo


PNB Logo Designed by R. K. Joshi

PNB Logo is designed by legendary calligrapher and type designer R.K. Joshi in 1984. Yet another examples of logo designed by bonding art and design together. R. K. Joshi was a student of Sir J J Institute of Applied Art, designed the core Indian fonts used in Microsoft Windows. PNB Logo is still in use since 1984, more than three decades.

Meaning of PNB Logo

Design with letter captures the ethos of the letter in Gurmukhi to conceptually complement PNB. The orange colour also compliments the Indian ethos and traditional image. The Gurmukhi letterform enclosing a circle compliments the identity of PNB as a nationalized bank (system of the bank under the control of government). (Source: D’source, IIT Bombay)

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