Welcome Group, ITC Hotels

Logo is designed by legendary calligrapher and type designer R.K. Joshi. He was a student of Sir J J Institute of Applied Art, designed the core Indian fonts used in Microsoft Windows. ITC is still using the same logo.

The design was a mark of extension of ITC to hotels in 70s. Surrounding the theme of ‘truly Indian’, ITC gave the name of ‘Welcome group’ to its chain of hotels. The letter W beautifully envisages the ethos of Namaste (the Indian traditional gesture of expressing ‘Welcome’). Conceptually, the form elucidates a universal form to accommodate India that unifies different cultures and religions as one whole. (Source: D’source, IIT Bombay)

This post is written to pay tribute to Prof. R. K Joshi who left the world on 5th February 2008.

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