Aadhar Logo Design

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Aadhar Logo Designed by Atul S. Pande

You may be curious about who designed Aadhar Logo, the answer is here. Graduate of Applied Art faculty from Nagpur University Mr. Atul S Pande won the national logo competition held by Government of India in 2010 and India got Aadhar logo. Project UIDAI initiated to issue Unique Identification Number to every Indian Resident. Logo depicts the Sun and Fingerprint. It symbolically depicts a dawn of new identity of every individual, endowed with a unique number for each individual.

Philosophy of Aadhar Logo in his own words,

“Idea about using red and deep yellow is very direct and simple. Both are bright and vibrant colours, which deliver freshness and evoke enthusiasm. One should feel fresh and a bit excited while watching it. Significance of deep yellow is for gaining knowledge and red signifies community involvement.”

“I had to create something which is easily recognizable. Any rural person would be able to easily recognise the sun and the fingerprint.”

For more on Atul S. Pande, logo designer of Aadhar and his work in the field of Design you can visit his Behance profile.