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March 23, 2016

Dance – Rays of Hope

Dancing Lines Decoration Zero Creativity Photography.jpg

Dance on the tunes of rays of hope, always inclined up and up, on the grid of time (life)!

Mastheads-Leading News Papers-UK

d posted earlier on Mastheads of leading Indian Newspapers, Australian Newspapers. For my network of lovely people from UK, for the visual treat, adding mastheads of top ranked newspapers in United Kingdom.

A nameplate of publication is a designed title as it appears on the front page or cover. The term name plate is mainly used in America. It is also called as Masthead in the United Kingdom and many other Commonwealth Nations. In lay man’s terms it is also called as logos of newspapers.

The Sun


The Sun Masthead Logo of Newspapers
The Sun Logo



Daily Mail

Daily Mail UK Masthead Logo of Newspapers
Daily Mail Logo


Metro UK Masthead Logo of Newspapers.jpg
Metro Logo

Evening Standard

London Evening Standard UK Masthead logo of Newspapers
London Evening Standard Logo

Daily Mirror

Daily Mirror UK Masthead logo of newspapers.png
Daily Mirror Logo

Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph UK Masthead Logo of Newspapers.png
The Daily Telegraph Logo

Daily Star

Daily Star UK Masthead Logo of Newspapers.jpg
Daily Star Logo

Daily Express

Daily Express UK Masthead Logo of Newspapers.png
Daily Express Logo

The Times

The Times UK Masthead Logo of Newspapers.png
The Times Logo

i (Newspaper)             

i UK Masthead logo newspapers.jpg
i Newspaper Logo

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