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Indian Post Logo Design and History
Indian Post Logo Designed by R. K. Joshi

One more examples of classical logos of  India is Indian Post Logo. Indian Post is the largest postal network of the World. It was year 1993 when legendary designer R.K. Joshi was at teaching at IDC, IIT Bombay, he designed the logo of Indian Post. The logo was launched on India Post Day, October 9 that year. The philosophy behind the logo is explained here.

Meaning of Indian Post Logo

It represented speedy action and dynamism. The logo also shows the skill and good sense of aesthetics in form of an appealing asymmetric balance in the form. The form is an envelope, the straight parallel lines with sharp angular ends represent the speed with which the postal India services transfers posts across the length and breadth of India. The colour Red signifies the depth of its reach in India. Red adds extra prominence to the speed concept of postal services for which the logo stands for.(Source: D’source, IIT Bombay)

India Post New Logo.png
New Indian Post Logo

Indian Post Gets New Logo

Later in year 2008, Ministry of Communications and IT, launched a new corporate identity of Indian Post working with a design agency, Oglivy and Mather. The new Indian Post Logo is inspired by the fact that Indian Post carries emotion across physical distance. At first glance, it is an envelope and at the next glance, it is a bird in flight, unhindered and unrestricted. The following bold strokes convey free flight. The new logo kept the red colour because of its longer association with Indian post. Press Information Bureau website has elaborated explanation about the design philosophy behind the new logo design.

Meaning of New Indian Post Logo

The choices of colours are Red and Yellow. Red has been chosen for its traditional association with the Postal Service. It embodies passion, power and commitment. Yellow communicates hope, joy and happiness. Evidence of the combination of the two colours is found across the country.

It is the recognition of this stellar service in a changed world that has prompted the refurbishment of the India Post Logo. The first insight that was brought on board was the evolution of design, which has become increasingly organic. This is a departure from straight lines, which the current logo is dominated by. There is an element of modernity that the refurbishment aims at. At the same time, there is a conscious effort to maintain an element of continuity. The ‘wings’ are the anchoring element that have been retained. (Source: PIB Press release)

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