Indian Airlines

Logo of Indian_Airlines_on_Airbus_A320_SDS-5
Aircraft Airbus A320 With Indian Airlines Logo (Wikipedia)

Another feather in the cap of Benoy Sarkar for designing logo of Indian Airlines. National Institute of Design has contributed to many of classical logos of India.The logo was designed around 1946 and was being in use till 2000. Logo has the typographic beauty with a simple sliding crossbar of the letter ‘A’. Above the windows of aircraft, “Indian Airlines” was written in English on starboard side and in Hindi on port side. The tail was bright orange, with its logo in white. In most of the aircrafts, the logo was also painted on the engines over its bare metal colour.

For more details find Biography and work of Mr. Benoy Sarkar.

Indian Airlines Classic Logos of India Zero Creativty
Indian Airlines Logo by Benoy Sarkar

After the name change to Indian, the company’s aircraft sported a new look inspired by the Sun Temple at Konark in Odisha. The tail of their aircraft had a partial blue wheel since practically 3/4 of the remainder is cut off. The wheel is over an orange background with the carrier’s name “Indian” written in English on one side of the fuselage, and in Hindi on the other. On 15 May 2007, the Government of India released the new merger livery, which was sent to Boeing in Seattle to repaint all the new fleet coming into the new Air India. (Source: Wikipedia)