Godrej Logo

Interesting fact about the Godrej logo is its typographic logo having signature of Mr. Ardeshir Godrej, Founder of Godrej. It is one of the unique logos in the world having signature as a logo. Godrej logo is in use since decades as a signature except some colour changes. The initial logo in blue colour was unbeaten for more than 100 years. The colour was changed to red later on.

Its year 2007, when Godrej appointed Inerbrand, UK based brand consultant for making this logo contemporary. In 2008, a three-colour pattern, maroon, green and blue, was used to fill the Godrej signature.


Recent Godrej Logo Design.png

Recent Godrej Logo Designed by Interbrand

Meaning of Godrej Logo

The objective behind the colours was to create a funky image in order to connect with youth of India. However, looking from design point of view, the calligraphic identity of Godrej reminds one of the trustworthy locks and cupboards of Godrej (the first product range of Godrej that helped establish the brand. (Source: D’source, IIT Bombay)

Godrej locks with logo.jpg
Application of Godrej Logo in its Products