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April 11, 2016

Save Water Rangoli- May be a New World Record!

New World Record: Save Water Rangoli Jalgaon (Source: Sakal)

Save Water Rangoli

Students are drawing biggest Rangoli for social message through Rangoli. Last week it was College of Engineering Pune (COEP) students made a largest Social Message Rangoli on different subjects and attempted a World Record! On April 10, 2016, Irrigation Department, Jain Irrigation Systems, Neer Foundation and YIN Sakal collaboratively made a Rangoli to give the social message through Save Water Rangoli. The words say ‘Jal Hai To Kal Hai’ meaning, If there is water there is Future! This may break the record of COEP Rangoli attempted just a week before. This may be now a new Guinness World Record for the category World’s Largest Floating Image/ Rangoli Pattern. Some of the key information on this historical event,

Theme: Save Water Rangoli

Organizations Involved in this Social Rangoli: Collaboratively-Irrigation Department, Jain Irrigation Systems, Neer Foundation and YIN Sakal

Participants in this Social Rangoli: About 750 Students

Time taken for Save Water Rangoli: 40 minutes only

Area Covered by Biggest Rangoli: 28, 000 square metre

Venue of the Biggest Rangoli: Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Kids Creativity – Future

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