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ESSAR Logo Designed by Sudarshan Dheer

The magic of the 60s from Sudarshan Dheer, the Grand Master of Corporate Communication in India. Mr. Dheer at Graphic Communication Concepts designed the Essar logo for the group. For more details find Biography and work of Mr. Sudarshan Dheer.

Meaning of ESSAR  Logo

Logo type and mark firmly establish the Group’s philosophy of growing with innovative approach in the areas of service businesses, annuity and commodity investments. The Uppercase used to depict ESSAR logotype gives a strength and impact to its image as a global entrepreneur – a diversified business corporation with a balanced portfolio of assets in the manufacturing and services sectors of Steel, Oil and Gas, Power, Communications, Shipping ports and logistics, and Construction. The Group is active in seizing opportunities to expand their reach. Hence, the joined horizontal bars in intense red elaborates the reach and efficiency factor of the group.(Source: D’source, IIT Bombay)

Meaning of New ESSAR Logo

New logo Essar Group.jpg
New ESSAR Logo

Essar Logo got redesigned with some modifications in the cross bars making it as the Plus Mark with a hidden arrow. A white arrow is revealed in the negative space created by the cross to symbolise the company’s forward-thinking nature.The Plus Mark is a powerful symbol that is integrated into every Essar group company logo. It connotes the groups positioning — Positive Action.