Post Card Project: R K Joshi – Indian Calligrapher, Type Designer and Teacher

Thanksgiving letters addressed to legendary designers for continuing source of inspiration for every designer including me. Have shared my learning inspired from their work. The medium used is Indian Post Card costing ₹ 0.5 only. The project has hand drawn illustrations digitised and printed at home on Post Cards. More read about the project:  Project Post Card on Behance.

Post Card- A Letter Written to Prof. R K Joshi

Letter to Professor R K Joshi

Dear Sir,

Very first thing I would like to say here from the deepest of my heart  is ‘Thanks for the work  and teachings that you have left for the world in Calligraphy and Type Design’.

I learned many things in Calligraphy from you like how Eklawya learned from Dronacharya. And this is in continuation for the other students also. This letter is to remember some of the deep rooted impressions that you had made in the field of design.

Sir, you blessed many students when you were teaching at Industrial Design Center (IDC) at IIT Bombay. Also, many corporate  companies availed your services. Your design for Indian Post proved to be timeless and is still in the mind of the Indian population. There are many such works which are equally strong visuals.

Your association with CDAC, Microsoft, NCST ignited a spark for many Indian Typefaces. Your explorations and research will have been always guiding the community of designers.

Sir, thanks for the Blessings!!

Every Designer’s Inspiration: Works and Biography of  Prof. R K Joshi

Biography of Professor R K Joshi

Philosophy of R K Joshi behind the calligraphy ‘एक अक्षर लिहावं एक तप थांबावं’ It means, ‘Write One Letter and Wait for Ages before Writing the Next One’.

 In response to Admiration, Photographs from My Brother’s Project Post Card on Behance.

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