Post Card Project: Sudarshan Dheer–Corporate Identity Maker

Thanksgiving letters addressed to legendary designers for continuing source of inspiration for every designer including me. Have shared my learning inspired from their work. The medium used is Indian Post Card costing ₹ 0.5 only. The project has hand drawn illustrations digitised and printed at home on Post Cards. More read about the project:  Project Post Card on Behance.

Post Card: A letter Written to Sudarshan Dheer

Letter to Mr. Sudarshan Dheer

Dear Sir,

It’s still fresh in my mind when you had a word with me at TYPODAY 2014 in Pune. I have blessed with your visiting card also on that unforgettable day in my life. I am glad to share my feeling here for always inspiring me with your timeless logos since 1950.

I am deeply inspired by your hard work since your schooling at painter’s shop and in Mumbai. I have been following the way of yours in terms of new learning in every project that I work for.

Your work has been always motivating me to go for basic shapes and look for the negative space, the terminology of the 1950s. Will always follow your advice ‘study and then present’.

Sir, I am eagerly waiting for our next visit and would like to share some of the projects with you, please spare some time for me. I assure that I will always work for the designs beyond the words. Your logo for HPCL will keep pouring the stream of energies in my efforts for making good designs.

Sir, thanks for the Blessings!!

Every Graphic Designer’s Inspiration: Works and Biography of  Sudarshan Dheer

Biography of Sudarshan Dheer

Design philosophy of Sudarshan Dheer

The process of becoming a good artist is to start with no assumptions and no fixed ideas. I have disowned all my previous work as one needs to begin with nothing to end up with something original.

In response to Admiration, Photographs from My Brother’s Project Post Card on Behance.

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