Post Card Project: Milton Glaser – Whose Heart was in right place- I ♥ NY

Thanksgiving letters addressed to legendary designers for continuing source of inspiration for every designer including me. Have shared my learning inspired from their work. The medium used is Indian Post Card costing ₹ 0.5 only. The project has hand drawn illustrations digitised and printed at home on Post Cards. More read about the project:  Project Post Card on Behance.

Post Card: A Letter Written to Milton Glaser

Letter to Mr. Milton Glaser

Dear Sir,

Love to MG! A letter from a learner to a virtual guide, to say thanks! Thank you for inspiring me and my work an attempt to tell the truth. Believed to take doubts rather than assuming certainty.

The posters, illustrations, advertise, identity and what not is touched by you and made it wonderful. Nobody will forget your sincere attempt to minimise crime in New York City. That’s I Love NY!

Sir, your recent attempt for ‘Mother Earth’ for global warming will always inspire the new generation. You made a point that there is not only a single area to make a career into like only posters or only identity design. It will always motivate me.

You always inspired me work for the designs aiming for only ‘wow’ and not yes or no!

Sir, thanks for the Blessings!!

Graphic Designer’s Inspiration: Works and Biography of Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser Biography

Design philosophy of Milton Glaser

The Good Is The Enemy Of The Great

Doubt Is Better Than Certainty

There Are Three Responses To A Piece Of Design—yes, No, And Wow! Wow Is The One To Aim For.

For more information on Milton Glaser’s Art Work, Studio, Posters, Case Studies and News you can visit Milton Glaser’s website.

In response to Admiration, Photographs from My Brother’s Project Post Card on Behance.

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