Post Card Project: Paul Rand – one of the originators of the Swiss Style of graphic design

Thanksgiving letters addressed to legendary designers for continuing source of inspiration for every designer including me. Have shared my learning inspired from their work. The medium used is Indian Post Card costing ₹ 0.5 only. The project has hand drawn illustrations digitised and printed at home on Post Cards. More read about the project:  Project Post Card on Behance.

Post Card: A Letter Written to Paul Rand

Letter to Mr. Paul Rand

Dear Sir,

Greetings to not just a designer, but a true artist in any medium! Expressing my gratitude through this piece of paper for the learning got from you.

An identity for IBM has proven its timeless design even after 40+ years in the international market. Your articles and interviews always motivated me for experimentations- the quest for answers and this quest will go on forever.

Sir, your publications will remain a very good resource for the designers and artists across the globe. Your teachings for more than two decades at YALE has blessed many designers of that era. Indian Graphic Design had also the strong impact of your design philosophy at that times.

Your work irrespective of the media has taught me the use of form and content, light and shade and colour and space.

Learning to define the achievements through meaningful design, the design of quality and wit.

Sir, thanks for the Blessings!!

Every Designer’s Inspiration: Works and Biography of Paul Rand


Few Works of Paul Rand


Design philosophy of Paul Rand

I have always felt that intuitive judgement is, somehow, the source of all great ideas.

For more information on Paul Rand’s Art Work, Studio, Posters, Case Studies and News you can visit Paul Rand’s website

In response to Admiration, Photographs from My Brother’s Project Post Card on Behance.

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