Post Card Project: Massimo Vignelli Who Believed, Design is One

Thanksgiving letters addressed to legendary designers for continuing source of inspiration for every designer including me. Have shared my learning inspired from their work. The medium used is Indian Post Card costing ₹ 0.5 only. The project has hand drawn illustrations digitised and printed at home on Post Cards. More read about the project:  Project Post Card on Behance.

Post Card: A Letter Written to Massimo Vignelli

Letter to Mr. Massimo Vignelli

Dear Sir,

Would like to express my gratitude for touching my learning and work from that. ‘Design is One’ is what I have taken as the ‘Gurumantra’ from you. You will be always remembered as ‘A Master in the Grammar of Design’.

American airlines logo designed by you is still flying high since 1967in the sky and minds of Americans. New York city will always remember your timeless work. As you said, “The life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against ugliness.” I assure that, as a designer, I will  fight untiringly against ugliness and dedicate that to you every time.

During my early days of learning “THE VIGNELLI CANON” deeply taught me the real design and still it is a ready reference for me. Very first time I learnt use of grids from this holy book.

Sir, I am still working on Semantics, Syntactic and Pragmatism in Design. As “One life is too short to do everything”, really working hard for that small work.

Sir, thanks for the Blessings!!

Designer’s Inspiration: Works and Biography of Massimo Vignelli


Few Works from Massimo Vignelli’s Multi-disciplinary Studio

Design philosophy of Massimo Vignelli

I like design to be semantically correct, syntactically consistent, and pragmatically understandable. I like it to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant,  and above all timeless

For more information on Massimo Vignelli’s Art Work, Studio, Posters, Case Studies and News you can visit Massimo Vignelli’s website

In response to Admiration, Photographs from My Brother’s Project Post Card on Behance.

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