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May 10, 2016

How to Design Your Own Beautiful Quotes

With an objective to add something interesting in Earth, this week’s Photo Challenge. Trying to post some of the photographs from my photography portfolio Photolia.  These Photos are converted into beautiful quotes. We will explore some of the online resources for type treatments and you will get these wonderful quotes. Hope lovely people will love these too! Quote used is, ‘The Earth has Music for those Who Listen’

Original Photo Before adding Quote about Earth

Nature Photography: Sunset

Photos After adding Quotes about Earth

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Good news of the Morning!

Indian Bloggers

Happy to announce that, Chalk Art for Mother’s Day has been selected as top post on Indiblogger. I am really thankful to Indibloggers, lovely people in the network who loved and promoted the post in a small time of few hours.

This chalk art features the most beautiful word “Mother” written in Marathi or Hindi (Devnagari), German, Spanish, Dutch, English, Japanese, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi scripts. Thanks all of you for encouragement and growing my reach day by day. I am also thankful to Indibloggers who promoted this post in small time.

For further interesting hand lettering art projects, please visit Hand Lettering Portfolio.

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