With an objective to add something interesting in Earth, this week’s Photo Challenge. Trying to post some of the photographs from my photography portfolio Photolia.  These Photos are converted into beautiful quotes. We will explore some of the online resources for type treatments and you will get these wonderful quotes. Hope lovely people will love these too! Quote used is, ‘The Earth has Music for those Who Listen’

Original Photo Before adding Quote about Earth

Nature Photography: Sunset

Photos After adding Quotes about Earth

Quotes about Nature : Earth

Online Resource for Typography: Font Meme

Font Meme is a resource for fonts & typography and it is free to use. It has following sections,

  • Font Finder: It features newfound fonts from creative designers around the web
  • Fonts in Use: The section features posts about fonts used in famous logos, popular movies, books and much more.
  • Text Generator: It features simple tools that allow you to create text with fonts of different styles and embed them on the web.

I have used text generator section for creating the photography quote here. The output of the text generator is image and you can rearrange each word as you like. Using single typeface is better to keep the consistency.

Keep reading for the further resource! Further in this series refer the posts,

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