Last day of the learning ‘How to Design Our Own Photo Quotes Easily’. In last few posts, I have explained briefly about the free online resource, some examples of Photo Quotes. Today I would love to add few more online tools for making photo quote. Adding some more beautiful examples to this week’s Photo Challenge. Photographs are taken from my photography portfolio Photolia.

Original Photo Before adding Quote about Earth

The photo chosen from nature photography is converted into beautiful photo quote by using Pixteller. Again this is also free to use online tool. Added to the list of tools online like Canva, Font Meme. Further tools for making Picture Quotes Online easily, can be visited and tried out. The exhaustive list of these tools can be viewed here.

Nature Photography : Flowers

Photos After adding Quotes about Earth

The quote chosen is ‘The Poetry of the Earth is Never Dead’. Let’s see how it looks there. The tool used here is Pixteller and in my opinion, it is very similar to Canva. It is easy too!

Quotes about Nature : Earth

My suggestion:  Some more easy ways for Quote Design

I have tried couple of free tools online to make the beautiful quotes,

  • Recite: Just type the quote and get the final design from 25+ templates.
  • Behappy: Offers very basic typographic design but you can sell your quotes here.
  • Pikiz: Also a free tool, I will recommend to try out.

The examples of the Photo Quotes designed using above tools are listed below. I hope, I have made the week much interesting by adding the tools to make our own Photo Quotes. Thanks for reading and visiting here!

Quote Design: Recite
Quote Design: Behappy

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