KOTAK  Mahindra Logo

Bengaluru-based Graphic Design studio Ray and Kesavan designed the logo for Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited. The task was to unify the offerings by Kotak from loans to investments under a single bank brand. The brand needed to be one integrated entity, externally and internally. It also needed a strategy that would help it compete effectively with well-established players and quickly transform its current perception of a ‘Mumbai-based brokerage’ to a national bank. They also wanted to make pride of the roots of the brand in ‘Indianess’

KOTAK Logo Designed by Ray+Keshavan

Meaning of KOTAK Logo

The letter form for ‘k’ in the Devanagari (‘क’) script was crafted to include the symbol for infinity in its form. The symbol of ‘Ka’, made it of distinctly Indian origin; while its curves form the universal ‘infinity’ sign, thus reflecting group’s uniquely global Indian personality.  The Devanagari ‘Ka’ (‘क’) – has the knot of ‘ka’ (‘क’) around the strong red stem. This unit within the strong dark blue circle projects superiority, victory, strong foundation and stability. The group has thought on the basic tenets of economists that, man’s needs are unlimited. The infinite ‘Ka’ (‘क’) symbolises that we have the infinite number of ways to meet those needs.



KOTAK Logo Application (Source: Ray+Keshavan)

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