Chimanlals Pvt. Ltd. 

Calligraphy Logo by R K Joshi

Yet another great work by Prof. R K Joshi. He was prolific in using Calligraphy in art and design. The logo designed for the Chimanlal Paper Company who set up a special department to try and promote handmade paper since thirty years. They are producing handmade papers for more than five decades. Read more for further details about the legendary graphic designer R K Joshi at Biography and Works of  Prof. R. K. Joshi . Some of his work in Indian logos can be found at Classic Logos of India.

Meaning of Logo

Calligraphy, as considered by R.K. Joshi primarily an art that also becomes design has been used most expressively to define ‘paper’ in Indian context. The elongated stems of letters “h” and “l” in the calligraphic identity present the continued practice of producing quality paper with great variety and aesthetics that beautifully becomes part of everyday activities of using paper for decorations as ephemera (Source: D’source, IIT Bombay)