Know about Olympic Torch

Unique feature of Olympic games is the Olympic torch and its relay from the Greece to the venue of the Olympics. The torch is created newly for each edition of the Olympic game. It has lighting ceremony and relay crossing different continents.

Rio Olympic Torch (Source:

Lighting of Olympic Torch

The flame is lit in Olympia, Greece in the memory of ancient Olympic games few months before the actual event date. This year it was lit on 24 April 2016. This ceremony of the lighting is  worth watching and you can see VDOs on you tube. Interesting fact about lighting is, torch is only lit by sunlight. Parabolic reflector is used to concentrate sun rays to lit the Olympic Torch.

Olympic Torch Relay

Relay runners carry the Olympic Torch, they may be sports person, celebrities, leader etc. Each relay runner carries his or her own torch. Only the flame is passed from one runner to other. The important part is the flame cannot be extinguished. The relay allows to discover new cultures and customs in the route. The first torch relay took place in 1936 Olympics in Germany. Now Olympic Torch is in Bahia state of Brazil and more than 12000 torch bearers will carry the Olympic Flame through 329 Brazilian cities from first week of May to Aug 5, 2016.