Olympic Medals in London Olympics 2012 (Source: Olympic.org)

Facts about Olympic Medals

  • Designer of Olympic Medals, London Olympics 2012– David Watkins, British artist has designed the Olympics medals.
  • Design of Olympic Medals for 2012-Traditional Godess of victory flying into the stadium bringing victory to the best athelete. Olympic rings are also inscribed on this side. On the other side there is an emblem of London Olympics. The ribbon of the medal represents the Thames river in London.
  • Diameter of the Olympics Medals-85 mm
  • Composition of the Olympic Medals-Gold Medal has 1.34% Gold, 92.5% Silver and remaining as Copper. Silver Medal has 92.5% Silver and remaining Copper. Bronze Medal has 97% Copper, 2.5% Zinc and 0.5% Tin.
  • History of Olympic Medals– In the first Olympics, first place got Silver Medal and second got copper. The Size of the medal was smaller than 2012 medals, just 48 mm. And the designer of 1896 Olympic Medals was Jules Clément CHAPLAIN,  French sculptor  and one of its finest medallists.