Leaf Silhouette

Spare a Leaf Silhouette from Moon Photography. For some other interesting Photography please visit my Photography Portfolio Photolia.

Request My Lovely Poet Bloggers to try your words on this Image and I will re-post this photograph of Silhouette Leaf with your poetry. Poetry should not be more than four lines. Thanks in advance and excited about your responses!

Just within two hours of time, got SEVEN great poems on Leaf Silhouette from,

  • Zigyasa, Her Blog: MySestina
  • Dhwani Sangani, Her Blog: Sunshine
  • Saalai Kamalathaai, Her Blog: That Which Influences Me
  • Happysoul5, Blog: happysoul5
  • Meera, Her Blog: ilovepainting80
  • Aruna, Her Blog: roseyevening
  • Xenia Tran, Blog:

Thank you readers and participants for response and likes! Great entries for the day! Enjoy the entries on Leaf Silhouette! Continue reading “Requesting Poetry on Leaf Silhouette”