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June 3, 2016

Photo Poetry Flipbook- Leaf Silhouette

How Photo Poetry Made!

Photo Poetry  Leaf Silhouette Leaf (For Flip book Click Here)

It was a dull afternoon, a though came in my mind to make a photo poetry, never did that before. I remembered Lovely People In My Network! Most of them are poet, why cant I challenge them to make a poetry on my Photos! And the FOTOPOETRY Began! First version on Leaf Silhouette is presented here. To read complete Poetry Flipbook click the link below the image.

Readers can also read these interesting poetry on Leaf Silhouette. I am very much Thankful to the Contributors of Silhouette Leaf and Lovely People in My Network!

I am sure that you must have loved the idea of presenting this poems in Poetry FlipBook

Roger Federer -Olympics

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Olympic History: Roger Federer Olympics

The tennis legend Roger Federer has several career achievements like most grand slams, most weeks at No. 1 position and many more. Apart from this, he was very much fascinated by Olympic Games. Lets have a look at Roger Federer at Olympics, Continue reading “Roger Federer -Olympics”

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