Olympic Quotes: Roger Federer

Olympic History: Roger Federer Olympics

The tennis legend Roger Federer has several career achievements like most grand slams, most weeks at No. 1 position and many more. Apart from this, he was very much fascinated by Olympic Games. Lets have a look at Roger Federer at Olympics,

  • Roger Federer- Olympics Sydney 2000 -Federer could not make it to the Medal
  • Roger Federer- Olympics  Athens 2004– Flag-bearer of Swiss team, but exited early.
  • Roger Federer- Olympics Beijing 2008– Flag-bearer for the second time and this was his 27th birthday, on Opening Ceremony of Olympics, 8 August, 2008. He was overwhelmed by the event. What was Olympic quote that time, he said, “The Olympic Games is like Wimbledon to me. It’s really a dream come true to be part of it, walking into the stadium at the Opening Ceremony.” In this event version, Federer could only make it to the quarter finals in Singles in this Olympic event. But this was his time to get Olympic Gold in Doubles playing with Stan Wawrinka. They achieved this career best by beating great Bryan brothers.  
  • Roger Federer- Olympics London 2012– Federer won Wimbledon title that year by beating Andy Murray. And once again it was the final between Federer and Murray. Murray made history this time by beating Federer. At this event, Federer achieved his second Olympic Medal in the form of Silver. You can visit Olympic Quotes -Muarray.
  • Roger Federer- Olympics Rio 2016- No chance of getting retired and this time legendary tennis player is all set to aim for three Olympic Medals at Rio 2016. I wish him all the every best!

    Stan Wawrinka and Roger Federer -Olympics  Gold (Source:the42.ie)

Olympic Quotes: Roger Federer

Being a part of five Olympic Games, he is a great fan of this world wide event. And this time in Olympic Quotes, Roger Federer says,

When I think of the Olympics I only think of good things. I think of what a great event it is and what it has done for me and my career, and changed my personal life, too.