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Norman Pritchard

Indian at Olympics – First Athlete

It was 1900 Olympic in Paris when India participated first time in Olympic Games. Norman Pritchard was the only athlete repressing Indian team. That year Norman Pritchard participated in two events Men’s 200 metre and Men’s 200 metre hurdles. India won two silver medal in the first ever participation of India at Olympics. Later in the next versions of Olympic Games, Indian national team did not compete until 1920.

Who was Norman Pritchard

  • Norman Pritchard was the first Indian-born athlete participating in Olympics and also firts athelete from Asia to win Olympic Medal.
  • He was born in  Calcutta and studied at Saint Xaviers College, Calcutta.
  • Norman Pritchard was also a good football player and was associated with  Indian Football Association from 1900 to 1902 as Secretary.
  • He made his career in acting (Name: Norman Trevor) later migrating to USA.
  • Norman Pritchard died at early age of 52 years due to brain disease.