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Olympic History: Muhammad Ali Olympics

Muhammad Ali Olympics 1960

Muhammad Ali- Olympics Rome 1960 : Muhammad Ali made an entry in Olympic team for USA for Light Heavy Weight for Rome Olympics 1960. Muhammad Ali was just 18 years Old when he won the Gold Medal for his country. He achieved this by beating Zigzy Pietrzykow
ski of Poland. Due to his expansive personality and larger-than-life spirit he earned the nickname “The Mayor of Olympic Village.” The boxing great was about to miss the trip to Rome due to his fear of airplane travel. He only agreed after bringing a parachute on the plane with him.

Muhammad Ali- Olympics Atlanta 1996 : Torch runner for 1996 Atlanta Olympics

Muhammad Ali- Olympics London 2012 : Titular bearer of the Olympic Flag during Opening ceremony

Olympic Quotes: Muhammad Ali

After  1960 Rome Olympics Gold Medal, Olympic Quotes from Muhammad Ali was,

To make America the greatest id my goal