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June 14, 2016

History of Olympics- First 15

Countdown started when Rio Olympics 2016 has 79 days left! Counting down from 79 to make some interesting posts about Olympics. This series will showcase interesting stories, facts, moments, design information about the Olympics. Hope this will be more joyful reading than other regular features like Classic Logos of India

Whats there in History of Olympics

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Creative Flower Photography

What can be more Purer than Flowers in terms of its beauty! Lets try this week on Creative Flower Photography. I am once again happy to admire WordPress team for many creative photography challenges they run for us every week. While exploring my photography portfolio I came across these creative flower photography. You can have look at my other photographs in my Photography Portfolio, Photolia.

Day 1:  Creative Flower Photography

Today I would love to present the pure form of beauty through Creative Flower Photography. I hope readers will pour love onto this also. Here it goes!

Creative Flower Photography

By looking at this photograph, it might have reminded many readers about my booming posts on Photo quotes in response to weekly photo challenge Earth. You can refer the post, .

The Ash :  Creative Flower Photography

Creative Production Studio, Ars Thanea and the team from Poland have crafted the beautiful aspect of the creative flower photography through their Project named ‘The Ash’. It was a personal project made for fun at the studio based in Warsaw, Poland. The Ash- came to the minds as a simple thought- glowing roses- maybe as a some kind of symbol or maybe as a simple whim. 

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