Countdown started when Rio Olympics 2016 has 79 days left! Counting down from 79 to make some interesting posts about Olympics. This series will showcase interesting stories, facts, moments, design information about the Olympics. Hope this will be more joyful reading than other regular features like Classic Logos of India

Whats there in History of Olympics

Post 79: History of Olympics

Announcement of the series on History of Olympics compiling Epic stories of Olympics.

Post 78: India at the Olympics : Indian Hockey

Golden Era of Indian Hockey is discussed in the brief.

Post 77: Need to Know Olympic Rings Meaning

Meaning behind the Olympic Rings is explained.

Post 76: Need to Know Olympic Motto

Great thought put by Olympic Motto for inspirations of Athletes.

Post 75: Need to Know Olympic Creed

Olympic creed, inspired by the words of the Bishop of Pennsylvania.

Post 74: Infograph Hockey- India at Olympics

Inforgraphics on India at Olympics in Hockey

Post 73: Olympic History – Hockey

Information on Hockey as a game in Olympics

Post 72: History of Olympics : Olympic Torch

Information about Olympic Torch

Post 71: History of Olympics : Olympic Medals

Some interesting facts about Olympic Medals

Post 70: Rio Olympics Countdown

Keep Calm and  Carry on Olympic Countdown

Post 69: Know About Rio Olympic Pictograms

Olympic Pictograms for Rio Olympics 2016

Post 68: Olympic Mascot -Rio 2016

Olympic Mascot designed for Rio Olympics 2016

Post 67: Olympic Quotes – Andy Murray

Andy Murray Olympic Quotes and performance in Olympics gmaes

Post 66: Roger Federer -Olympics

Roger Federer Olympics Quotes and performance in Olympics gmaes

Post 65: India At Olympics – Norman Pritchard

Norman Pritchard the first athlete of Indian team at Olympic games