What can be more Purer than Flowers in terms of its beauty! Lets try this week on Creative Flower Photography. I am once again happy to admire WordPress team for many creative photography challenges they run for us every week. While exploring my photography portfolio I came across these creative flower photography. You can have look at my other photographs in my Photography Portfolio, Photolia.

Yesterday posted about a Creative Flower Photography Project ‘The Ash’ from  the studio Ars Thanea. I would love to share a simple technique of making cutout flowers. This can be learned under cut out photography from many free resources online.

Day 2:  Creative Flower Photography

Creative Flower Photography

I have used the above image with out removing the background of the photograph and placed a cut out flowers frame around that. The online tool I have used is Online-image-editor which very simple to use for anyone who does not have any knowledge about cut out photography techniques. You can resize either the image frame or the cut out flower frame to adjust the desired visual form. The result obtained will be a very nice image you can use for Photo Quotes, Poetry or your article for the blog.

Cut Out Flowers : Creative Flower Photography

Creative Flower Photography: Cutout Flowers

I just wanted to focus on the water droplet, hence managed the cut out flowers frame and my image frame accordingly. I am sure bloggers can learn simple tools and techniques available free and online, for getting creative flower photography required for daily writing on the blog.

Also Part of the Series on Creative Flower Photography,