Infosys Logo

Infosys Logo by Ray and Keshavan

Bengaluru-based Graphic Design studio Ray and Kesavan designed the logo for Infosys in 1996.  When Infosys was planning to scale up exponentially, they approached Ray and Keshavan to design Infosys logo. The organisation had to be lifted from an Indian brand to a global brand. The Infosys logo had to be designed for a brand as equal as IBM or Accenture. Ray and Keshavan took that challenge and designed an elegant Infosys Logo with typographic expression.

Meaning of Infosys Logo

The slogan “Driven by Values, powered by intellect” being Infosys vision and identity. The logotype for Infosys uses colour blue (Pantone 285 C). The characters of the customized identity indicate a visual alteration of Lucid Sans typeface. Moreover, the joined letters provide the logo with a smooth, unified bonding of values that the company abides to stand for (values of trust, quality, consistency in performance and longevity, that summarize their promise of “Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise”) (Source: D’source, IIT Bombay)

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