These posts are part of  Pure- Photography Challenge. What can be more Purer than Flowers in terms of its beauty! Lets try this week on Creative Flower Photography. While exploring my photography portfolio I came across these creative flower photography. You can have look at my other photographs in my Photography Portfolio, Photolia.

Day 4:  Creative Flower Photography

Creative Flower Photography : Pure

Just to have background of an ongoing series on Creative Flower Photography, you can read my previous posts,

Today I am going to introduce Robert Mapplethorpe, American Photographer known for his highly stylized black and white medium of photography.Apart from his portraits, nude and statue photography, he has also worked on Creative Flower Photography also.

Robert Mapplethorpe Flowers Portfolio

Robert Mapplethorpe worked almost exclusively in black and white through out his career. He worked on variety of subjects but majority of his work was on erotic imagery including male and female nudes. He has also created wonderful still life images of flowers. Readers can visit his Creative Flower Photography.


Robert Mapplethorpe Flowers (Source: