Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Designs

Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Designs

India has a rich tradition of festivals and for festivals,  Rangoli Designs will be an integral part of celebrations. You can find many posts on Rangoli Designs on my blog like World’s Largest Rangoli. Making Rangoli Designs is a part Indian Culture and is being followed since many years. Basically Rangoli Designs are created using colours sand, flower petals, rice, flour etc. They are drawn on the floors, courtyards, grounds. One of the types of Rangoli is called as Sankar Bharti Rangoli. It is a the most popular in Maharashtra. On many occasions like Ganesha Festival, Diwali we create Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Designs.

How to draw Sanskar Bharti Rangoli

A very special technique is followed to draw Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Designs. It is drawn using either three or five fingers to create beautiful patterns and Curves. Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Design with five fingers is called as ‘Paach Boti’ meaning (Five Fingers).It has unique style to draw borders, circles, curves and patterns. You can search for many VDOs on Sanskar Bharti Designs for detailed procedures.