Incredible India Logo

Incredible India Logo

The first marketing initiative of its kind, Incredible India was conceptualized in 2002. The team behind the campaign was V Sunil from O&M Delhi and Amitabh Kant from Ministry of Tourism. The whole campaign was aimed at branding to create a distinctive identity for the country. The exercise resulted in the iconic Incredible India logo. The Department of Tourism team was behind the conceptualization of the logo involving V.K. Duggal, Rathi Vinay Jha and Aitabh Kant.

Meaning of Incredible India Logo

In 2004, the Ministry of Tourism in India initiated the glorious “Incredible India” campaign with the main theme of “Atithi Devo Bhava”meaning ‘Guest is God’; with an aim to create a sensitivity towards tourists visiting India and the stakeholders facilitating the development of tourism in India. The exclamation mark forms the ‘I” of India. The exclamation used creatively across several visuals compliments the concept behind the word “Incredible” (Source: D’source, IIT Bombay)

Exclamation sign in Incredible India logo was used to great effect across all communications. The campaign successfully established India as a high-end tourist destination, generating a 16% increase in tourist traffic in the first year. (Source: The campaign execution was mainly done in foreign markets in both print and digital media. Some of the work with creative use of Incredible Indian Logo can be viewed on their website.

Incredible India Logo: Yoga Poster (Source: