Photo Poetry on Flower Photography

Photo Poetry on Flower Photography

After awesome response to five versions,

This week I am presenting a sixth version of Photo Poetry on Flower Photography for lovely readers and poets. Request My Lovely Poet Bloggers to try your poetry on Flower Photography. Thanks in advance and much excited about your responses!

Instructions Photo Poetry Flower Photography

  • You need to play with words on the given Flower Photography
  • Your poetry must be less than six lines, strictly to follow
  • You have to submit the poetry here in comments of this post
  • Please take care of spelling mistakes to save my time
  • Timeline is 24 hours from the time, when this post is live
  • After you submit the poetry, I will convert it into Photo Poetry
  • At the end of the 24 hours, poetry flipbook will be published
  • Don’t worry! All rights of poetry will be with you only
  • Sorry for the entries violating timelines, lengths or other instructions
  • This is fun and enjoy it to the fullest!

Due to some technical constraints, I will be able to make 14 pages of flipbook only! Hence hurry up and book a place in First 12 Poetry on Flower Photography!

Entries are closed Now !

Poetry on Flower Photography Entries

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