Photo Poetry on Flower Photography

Photo Poetry on Flower Photography

After awesome response to five versions,

This week I am presenting a sixth version of Photo Poetry on Flower Photography for lovely readers and poets. Request My Lovely Poet Bloggers to try your poetry on Flower Photography. Thanks in advance and much excited about your responses!

Instructions Photo Poetry Flower Photography

  • You need to play with words on the given Flower Photography
  • Your poetry must be less than six lines, strictly to follow
  • You have to submit the poetry here in comments of this post
  • Please take care of spelling mistakes to save my time
  • Timeline is 24 hours from the time, when this post is live
  • After you submit the poetry, I will convert it into Photo Poetry
  • At the end of the 24 hours, poetry flipbook will be published
  • Don’t worry! All rights of poetry will be with you only
  • Sorry for the entries violating timelines, lengths or other instructions
  • This is fun and enjoy it to the fullest!

Due to some technical constraints, I will be able to make 14 pages of flipbook only! Hence hurry up and book a place in First 12 Poetry on Flower Photography!

Entries are closed Now !

Poetry on Flower Photography Entries

Six amazing entries for poetry on Flower Photography,

  • Taruna, Her Blog: Rhythm And The Dancer
  • Ravindra More, His Blog:  The Daily Read
  • Sunita Sriram, Her Blog: My Digital Diary
  • Happysoul5, Her Blog: HappySoul5
  • Arti Manekar, Her Blog: Poems By Arti
  • Ismath, Her Blog: My Choice 360

Photo Poetry on Flower Photography by Taruna


Mother Earth
You gave me life as color, texture, fragrance.
From what?
This here earth, dusty, dark yet priceless.
Now the time has come
I bow and lay my head to rest upon your nurturing bosom
Softly accepting this graceful circle of life…

Photo Poetry on Flower Photography by Ravindra


Most beautiful “Flower” she is for sure,
Her fragrance makes my soul pure,
She is ubiquitous for me,
And to spent my life with her makes me lure.
One day i’ll give her a “Flower”,
In this life only moments of love will shower,
It is time for now or never,
The beauty residing in her heart of her will be everlasting and forever.

Photo Poetry on Flower Photography by Sunita


For lorn and dishevelled lay scattered among the dry twigs
To be trampled upon and blown away by the wind
No hues and colours like my myriad kith and kin
Left alone just because I am white and colourless
Give me colour and flower power to rise and shine
To decorate the world with the multitudes in diversity.

Photo Poetry on Flower Photography by Happysoul5


Her beauty is intimating.
The way she sways with the wind , proclaims her love for the universe .
She was created to add beauty; to this world and so,
From a tiny bud to a whole grown up flower, her journey of a complete masterpiece only gets better.

Photo Poetry on Flower Photography by Arti


When soft petals collaborate They form a beautiful flower.
Like good habits and good nature Make a perfect human.
The sweet Essene of the flower Spreads love in the garden.
Like talks of a wise person Spread awareness in the society.
And the beauty of a flower Make one’s heart pleasant.
Similarly the good deeds by one Make the world beautiful…..

Photo Poetry on Flower Photography by Ismath


Mighty soul…
She danced with all her might ,
With the sun above her head and earth beneath her mighty feet-
Listening to the heavenly song;
Suddenly, she fell with no warning,
To lay forever like the untouched white flower…