Photo Poetry on Lightning Photography

Photo Poetry on Lightning Photography

After awesome response to Six versions,

This week I am presenting a seventh version of Photo Poetry on Lightning Photography for lovely readers and poets. Request My Lovely Poet Bloggers to try your poetry on Lightning Photography. Thanks in advance and much excited about your responses!

Instructions Photo Poetry Lightning Photography

Most of the contributors are aware about the instructions still new ones and old please refer the previous challenge page for instructions here.

Due to some technical constraints, I will be able to make 14 pages of flipbook only! Hence hurry up and book a place in First 12 Poetry on Lightning Photography!

Entries are closed now.

Poetry on Lightning Photography : Entries

Five amazing entries for poetry on Lightning Photography,

  • Aadhira, Her Blog : Ripples
  • Radhika, Her Blog: Radhikasreflection
  • Ismath, Her Blog : Mychoice360
  • Calmkate, Her Blog : Aroused

Photo Poetry on Lightning Photography by Aadhira

The net

The sky crackles,
Weaves a web,
That spans the horizon..
Just to capture,
A tiny heart,
With the beauty of lightning!


Photo Poetry on Lightning Photography by Radhika


The sky pregnant with dark clouds
Wearing a purple facade of ire
With a crooked sinister forked smile
Followed by a rumbling roar
Wonder who messed with its circuitry
For its fuse to go haywire!


Photo Poetry on Lightning Photography by Ismath

Lightning bolt

Lightning bolt returns back,
Rupturing the purple sky
Yet, not my tender heart.


Photo Poetry on Lightning Photography by Ladybuggz

The hair on my arms stand up
I tingle from head to toe,
You flash through the sky…with your eminence strength, lighting the sky to see,
I can not run, I can not hide,
Your power is so strong, you over-power me!


Photo Poetry on Lightning Photography by Calmkate

Cracking sound
Glaring light
Captures the deer as they flee in the night
You scare so many
But you preempt a downpour
That fields and the garden need for sure!