Mahavir Hospital Logo

Mahavir Hospital Logo by Sudarshan Dheer

1979 established Mahavir Hospital which was a public charitable trust. The logo of Mahavir Hospitals is designed by great Sudarshan Dheer. This logo is still “NOT OUT” for more than three decades. Mr. Dheer has contributed to the discipline of graphic design for over 50 years. Many of the very well established corporates have their identity designed by him. For more details find Biography and work of Mr. Sudarshan Dheer.

Meaning of Mahavir Hospital Logo

  • The portion below depicts two hands spread out to gently hold the upper portion.
  • The upper portion depicts our patients, whom we treat like a flower and we provide the necessary care with ‘both’ the hands.
  • Red color of the lower portion depicts the ‘Life line and the Blue color of the upper portion depicts ‘Progress’. (Source: Mahavir Hospitals)