Photo Poetry on Birds

Photo Poetry on Birds Photography

After awesome response to Seven versions,

This week I am presenting a eighth version of Photo Poetry on Birds Photography for lovely readers and poets. Request My Lovely Poet Bloggers to try your poetry on Birds Photography. Thanks in advance and much excited about your responses!

Instructions Photo Poetry Birds Photography

Most of the contributors are aware about the instructions still new ones and old please refer the previous challenge page for instructions here.

Due to some technical constraints, I will be able to make 14 pages of flipbook only! Hence hurry up and book a place in First 12 Poetry on Birds Photography!

Entries are closed Now.

Poetry on Birds Photography : Entries

Four amazing entries for poetry on Birds Photography,

  • Ravindra More, His Blog: The Daily Read
  • Aadhira, Her Blog : Ripples
  • Arti, Her Blog: Poems by Arti
  • Ismath, Her Blog: Mychoice360

Photo Poetry on Birds Photography by Ravindra

Early morning chirps all around,
Different voices & different sounds,
Flocks of pigeons touring & racing,
Moving swaying with you all astound,
Love to watch u fly high,
Gives me hope to dream & try,
Coz stopping is not an option,
And whatever, however it is we ain’t cry.


Photo Poetry on Birds Photography by Aadhira

The hole, my nest was safe..
The food around kept me alive..
But being holed curbed my wings..
And taught me, surviving isn’t living..
I flew out, stretching my wings..
Now, I’ve the sky to soar and a life to live!


 Photo Poetry on Birds Photography by Arti

मेरे सूने आँगन में, आकर बैठी नन्ही चिड़िया, कर रही थी शैतानी।
खाकर दाना, पीकर पानी, अब करने लगी थी वो मनमानी।।
फुदक-फुदककर चलती थी, तो सर्र से कभी उड़ जाती थी।
मैं जो गुमसुम बैठी रहूँ, तो गाकर गाना मुझे हँसाती थी।।
एक छोटी-सी चिड़िया ने चहकाया था मेरा आँगन।
एक छोटी-सी चिड़िया ने याद दिलाया था बचपन।।


 Photo Poetry on Birds Photography by Ismath

Fly High…
Let go of the dark
Flutter your wings and fly high
Like this love pigeon