IIT Guwahati Logo

IIT Guwahati Logo by Yeshwant Chaudhary

In 1994 IIT Guwahati logo was designed by Yeshwant Chaudhary, graduated being first in the class from the Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Arts at Bombay. He also designed Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited –HDFC Logo. And this is still in use even after 38 years. To know more about the legendery designer visit Series on Design masters in India where you can find the works of Yeshwant Chaudhary.

Meaning of IIT Guwahati Logo

IIT Guwahati logo is based on the concept of sound connection between the mind, body and soul. The concept underlines the deep philosophy of cosmic beliefs in the field of Yoga (a philosophy practice in India since the Vedic times). The triad connected with sound training and education creates a unified assimilation of true Indian values of education. (Source: D’source, IIT Bombay)

Design process and formal significance of IIT Guwahati Logo is explained by Yeshwant Chaudhary. Three yogic centres Mind, Body and Heart achieving dynamics of aspiration.

  • Mind –  Perceptivity and Research – visualised by Persian Blue
  • Heart – Creativity and Development – visualised by Indian Red
  • Body – Qualitative Productivity – visualised by White

The Purusha representing Generative Technology and can be visualised by Yellow Ochre. Being the central factor, Purusha moves the three forces together to generate an interactive momentum. This can be visualised well in the logo with red interacting with blue, white with red and blue with white with yellow at the centre and around the periphery. This well depicted here in IIT Guwahati logo by Yeshwant Chaudhary. This interactive momentum achieving aspirative technology onto the dynamics in order and in continuum. This logo in true sense depicting the true values of Indian Education.

IIT Guwahati Logo Design
IIT Guwahati Logo- Design Process