Mud Art

In India mostly in Gujrat and Rajastan, Mud Art is very famous art. It is an art form with Mud and Mirrors making great exhibits called as Lippan Kam or Lippan Work. Making a wish for New year I am happy to display this traditions art form from India. I have not made a lippan art exactly but its typography experiment inspired by Mud art. To all my readers and lovely people here, I wish you a very happy and creative new year 2017. Hope this year will bring more creative posts on art and design. Please enjoy the Mud Art special for the lovely people here.

Mud Art
Mud Art Painting
Mud Art Painting different view

Mud Art Paintings or Lippan Kam

Some  information about this Indian Art,

  • Mud art or lippan art is a traditional Indian Art made on the interior walls of the hut also called a Bhungas using mud and mirrors together. Also called as Chittar Kam.
  • Mud is the cheaper medium used for an art and easily available or prepared.
  • Lippan means applying a coating on the surface and hence mud is applied on the walls of hut and mirrors are used to add decoration.
  • Now a days, Plywood has replaced the inner walls of hut on which its was practised.
  • Lippan art mainly  explores different geometric patterns and motifs from traditional Indian Art and Design.
  • Kuthch region of Gujarat has many artists mainly women and they are from the Rabari community.
  • You can Learn Lippan Kam online from the D’source Digital-learning Environment for Design a great resource for design students and enthusiastic peoples. This website has good information about this traditional Indian Art.
  • It is very delicate art and requires higher concentration and carefulness.

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