Himalaya Logo – Closeness to Nature

Himalaya Logo by Ray and Keshavan

The Himalaya Logo was designed by Ray+Keshavan, 1934 established design studio based in Begaluru. Originaly Himalaya Drug Company (HDC) has its history way back in 1930. Founder Mr. M. Manal who wanted to test the properties of herbs scientifically while travelling through forests of Burma.  To ‘bring the traditional Indian science of Ayurveda to society in a contemporary form’ was the vision of Mr. Manal. The efforts of Mr. Manal lead to the future Himalaya offering 300 healthcare and personal care products. In 2001, company decided to adopt a new unified brand strategy. Himalaya hired Ray+Keshavan for this design assignment. Ray and Keshavan is one of the country’s most admired brand and design consultancies. They have worked for industry pioneers across multiple sectors, including Infosys, Airtel, Cipla, Titan, Unilever, Vistara, Wipro etc.

Meaning of Himalaya Logo

-The name Himalaya is inspired by the mountain ranges of Himalaya having plenty secrets of Nature and Herbs.

-The leaf that forms the crossbar of the letter H represents the company’s focus on herbal healthcare.

-The teal green reflects our closeness to nature, while the orange is evocative of warmth, vibrancy and our commitments to caring.