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Dnyaneshwar Muley Logo


This was a task for self branding of Designer Dnyaneshwar Muley. During the project Calligraphy is being the source of inspiration for every stage of Design. The philosophy behind the concept is calligraphy’s discipline and elegance that Artist wanted to follow.


Basics Strokes of Devnagari Calligraphy creating beautiful patterns called CalliPatterns. All the strokes are transformed in a round shape to indicate unity. Though not tried here, some other basic shapes like rectangle, squre will also create beauty.

Chalk Art Republic Day


Hand Lettering with Devnagari and English mainly for the occasions done. Mainly chalk is used on the Wall. For Birthday celebrations this is an integral part for us since last year.


Every Logo designed has gone through extensive Creative process that we learnt from Dr. Paula. Idea Generation, Creating thumbnails are the most beautiful stages of the creative process. After following it, the result or satisfaction is not accidental but destined!

Dnyaneshwar Muley Photography


Some Light Thrown on Insects, Flowers and Birds. Some Light captured from Sun, Lightening and Light. Some Challenges in Shutter Speed and Some in Aperture!