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How to Design Your Own Beautiful Quotes

With an objective to add something interesting in Earth, this week’s Photo Challenge. Trying to post some of the photographs from my photography portfolio Photolia.  These Photos are converted into beautiful quotes. We will explore some of the online resources for type treatments and you will get these wonderful quotes. Hope lovely people will love these too! Quote used is, ‘The Earth has Music for those Who Listen’

Original Photo Before adding Quote about Earth

Nature Photography: Sunset

Photos After adding Quotes about Earth

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I Saw Design… Articles


Informative post from my fellow Blogger Celena on her blog Lost Civilizations


(Note: I spent my entire commute home thinking of a title for this post and I’m super proud of what I came up with, okay. Except it turns out a lot of people have thought of this punny phrase…

Source: I Saw Design… Articles

Vibrant – Warmth

Vibrant Zero Creativity Photography.jpg

Tulsi Vivah in the festival of Diwali. The lamps and Rangoli around it depicting warmth and vibrancy. In this week’s challenge Vibrant, trying to post few colours! Similar stuff can be found in my entries for Weekly Photo Challenges, hope that you will enjoy and add your valuable comments.

Padma awards for Design

Need to be thought on what A BALASUBRAMANIAM has said. I strongly support the point he has made in this post!

Design thoughts

Today’s list of Padma awards are out and there is no designer, still, in the list. I blogged about this, last year as well. The government finds it fit to recognise Ajay Devgn’s work as worthy of an award but not any of the design stalwarts, who used design to bring about long-lasting changes in society and the profession. To provoke a discussion on the subject, I present here, my list of Padma awards, deserving for design. This is of course, only the beginning. There may many more that I may have missed.

H Kumar Vyas, Design Educator, Ahmedabad kumarvyasH Kumar Vyas deserves a Padma award for pioneering Design education in this country and giving a distinct Indian touch to the curriculum that was launched at NID, when the design programmes began. He continues to influence and contribute to design education, through his books and research.

M P Ranjan : Design…

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Alphabet – Hand Lettering – Together

Fourth Week of New Year celebrated with Hand Lettering! Wonderful opportunity to showcase some hand lettering art here. Posted few works using chalk on the wall, Rangoli Designs, Pen on Paper through out the week. The Alphabets all together will give a visual treat with chalks, Rangoli and a Quote. For more projects on Hand Lettering visit the portfolio page.  Also find some interesting photos in my entries to weekly photo challenges.

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