Sharing some of the documents on Solar Thermal for Industrial Process Heating.

Potential for Solar Heat in Industrial Processes

The document was prepared in 2008 for Task 33 “Solar Heat for Industrial Processes” of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme and Task IV of the IEA SolarPACES Programme. Download the document here.

Solar Industrial Process Heat – State of the Art 

The document was produced as a part of Intelligent Energy Europe project Key Issues for Renewable Heat in Europe (K4RES-H)1. It aims at highlighting one of the promising, upcoming applications for solar thermal: Solar Industrial Process Heat. Download the document here.

Solar Heat for Industrial Processes -Technology Brief

Document by IRENA in 2015, highlights some of the industrial processes and solar thermal technology status. It compiles performance and cost of the solar thermal installations across the globe. Lastly the potential and barriers are discussed in brief. Download the document here.

Solar Thermal Process Heat for Applications in Industry

This course was organized by Prof. Santanu Bandyopadhyay, Department of Energy Science and Engineering under Continuing Education Programme (CEP) at IIT Bombay. The department organizes many courses in renewable energy including solar thermal at certain frequencies. The course contents and fees can be found here.