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Opposite – Nature Photography


My submission to Opposites, coming out in sky shot with very bright light even on a rainy day depicting the beauty of nature aside. Similar Photography you can visit Photolia -a photography portfolio. My Lovely Network, Please do not ignore this, there is a clue here!

Kids Photography – Partners

Submission to weekly photo Challenge Partners


Meaning of 200 For Me!

Making it to 200!

On 24 April 1973, Sachin Tendulkar came on this planet. He played for the total of 24 years from 19899 to 2013.On 24 February 2010, he became the first cricketer to make a double century in ODI ( 200 not out) that too against South Africans.He played 200 test matches, which nobody did. For me also, there is a coincidence of 200 on 24!  This blog has made 200 posts not out! On this, I would love to thank you all my readers for being a source of my motivation always. I am also glad to wish, Sachin Tendulkar for his birthday, Happy Birthday Sachin!

Dinnertime- Sunset

Dinner Time Sun Set Photography Zero Creativity.jpg
Sun Set Photography

As WordPress announced this week’s photography challenge, Dinnertime, I became glad to take opportunity to showcase some of the Sun set shots. I know that Sun as a Object we have infinite possibilities to shoot this colorful, vibrant and beautiful time of the day. Tried to post this week, hope that you will like them. I am so happy to participate in first ever challenge nominated by Janine Vergara and requested by Ruapli for Nature Photo Challenge. I am sorry that I am too lazy to participate! Visit Photolia for other interesting photography projects from the Portfolio.

Kids -Creativity Future Together

Future Looking at Future Creativity! Get Inspired! Four of the photographs were from the workshops conducted for exploring creativity among the kids. Arts like Clay Modelling, Drawing and Painting, Rangoli Making were explored during Ganesh Festival last year. I am sure they are the furture Artists.

Once More!

I am very glad to take this opportunity of being grateful to all readers of Zero Creativity Learnings and that too within 24 hours of time.

Most Likes in a Day 13 April 2016.jpg

Thank you all for reading and pouring love onto this blog! Its always encouraging!

Thanks Giving

Most Likes in a Day 2.jpg

Thank you all for reading and pouring love onto this blog! Its always encouraging!

17 Practical Ways To deal with A Negative Person — INDIHOPE


“You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.” — Brian Tracy What I have understood about negative personality is, those who have that, most of the time they are either…

via 17 Practical Ways To deal with A Negative Person — INDIHOPE

Landscape – Sun Set

Landscape Sun Set Silhouette Zero Creativity Photography

Landscape Sun Set once again! Tree getting warmth from the Source of the Universe !

Landscape – Shikhar Alandi Temple

Mauli Alandi Temple Shikhar Zero Creativity Photography.jpg

Landscape Morning light on Shikhar, Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Samadhee Mandir Aladi, Pune

Landscape – Indryani Ghat

LandScape Indrayani Ghat Alandi Zero Creativity Photography.jpg

Landscape Night at Indrayani Ghat, Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Samadhee Mandir Aladi, Pune.

Landscape – Alandi Temple

LandScape Alandi Temple Zero Creativity Photography
Landscape Morning at Sant Dnyaneshwar Sanjeewan Samadhee Mandir Aladi, Pune.

Not April Fool but Flowers

In Marathi/Hindi, फूल (f-o-o-l) means flower. Happy to receive this notification from WordPress Team congratulating. I am grateful to all those involved directly or indirectly for support and making this possible. This means a lot for me to get motivated! There are now 500+ followers, flowers or lovely people in my network.

Thank you All!

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