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cherry on top

Vibrant and Contrast

Vibrant Colours Making Contrast

My entry to Cherry On Top, would love to highlight the colours, adding vibrancy and contrast as well to this photograph. It was really a serene experience while walking along with Palkhi in Pandharpur Yatra last year. I captured these colours during my spiritual journey in Dindi. These are decorative pieces on the horns of an Ox. I have cropped this photograph near to get the feel of composition in rule of thirds.

Simple Pattern Rangoli

Rangoli for Pooja

My entry to Cherry On Top, would love to highlight the details, that made viewing this photograph a good experience. I loved the reflections on the Samaya comming from yellow rangoli sand and orange flowers aside. You can use this simple rangoli pattern for borders around shapes like round, rectangular etc. Putting simple dots of rangoli around Samaya and using a match box stick has made it more beautiful!

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