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Abstract – Macro

Abstract Photo by Using Macro

Already defined abstract photography in the post on Abstract- Close Up. Now we will see some ways to get abstract photos.

How to do Abstract Photography

As its conceptual and experimental photography, we can get the Abstract  images by,

  • A soft focus close-up of an object
  • Shooting the surface only
  • Macro photography
  • Looking for patterns, textures, lines
  • Grab the attention by colours
  • Blurring Images
  • Shooting subtle shadows
  • Playing with shutter speed

There will be much more techniques and tricks, one can explore while playing with a camera.

Abstract- Close Up – Glass

Abstract Photo by using Close Up

Definition of Abstract Photography

Abstract Photography is not hard to job but getting good abstract is not an easy job! As the word abstract is, the definition of abstract photography is also not having the exact definition. But for the definition, it is a photography which does not represent the subject in a literal way. And is communicated primarily through shape, form, colour, pattern, texture and curves rather than image detail.

Read further on How to do Abstract Photography and example of an abstract photo by Macro.

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